Sunday 16th May 2010

I’m all excited about our Fun Day today. I think there are going to be about twenty humans and twelve dogs. They won’t all be Entlebuchers but a number of them will be. It will be good to see my old friends. I’m looking forward to the sausage race as I think I’m in with a chance in that one, although to be honest it’s the sort of race you can’t actually lose as either way you get to eat the sausage. I’m not really built for agility and the obedience could be touch and go, but I think I might do well in ‘dog the judge most wants to take home’.

My Mistress bravely decided yesterday that we are at the end of the frost period and has planted the fuchsias. To be fair, one had already died before it got to be planted so it was as much a damage limitation exercise as anything. Shadow has been asked not to eat or dig up the ones in the pot on the patio at the back and I have promised not to pee up the side of the container. The shrub that is going in along the back fence might have a more difficult time of it. It depends in part how nice the leaves taste.

My Mistress has obtained a power usage monitor. They were free from the company that supplies our electricity. It has a little dashboard that shows you how much power you are using and how much it is costing. You can set a target, but to be honest she can’t work out how to do that at the minute. She needs to sit down with the manual and work it out. It is already having an effect on the way she is doing things. It’s the little things like not putting the pan of water for the pasta on to boil any earlier than you need to. I was sitting watching how the dial changed when the oven got turned on. I went running through to my Mistress shouting ‘that’s exactly why you should have food like mine that comes in a sack and is served cold.’ She reminded me how happy I am to have extras at the end of her meal and I realised she might have a valid point.