Saturday 15th May 2010

The birds are increasing their demands. They now want a new fat ball every day, fresh water, a slice of bread and their seed feeder restocking. My Mistress is thinking that she will have to start buying bird seed in bulk rather than in small bags. I did just check with her that it was all right for us to continue to chase the birds when we go outside and I’m pleased to say that as long as we don’t catch them she says it’s fine. They don’t seem to be very daunted by us. They have started coming to sit in the bush even when we are there.

I have started a countdown clock on my computer to show how long it is until Megan arrives. At the moment it is still just over thirteen weeks, but it will soon come down. Apparently Megan is on heat at the moment. They say that when dogs live together their seasons start to synchronise. I wonder whether that means I will have to deal with two girls with PMT at the same time. I can see my Master and me having to go out quite a lot.

My Mistress was thinking about our new Parliament and suddenly realised that this is the first time in her life that she has a Government that actually represents here. No longer can she say ‘Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for them.’ Of course it was only the smaller part of it that she voted for, but they are part of the Government none the less. I am still waiting to be contacted to see if I would like to take any position within the Government. I thought with all the new posts they have created they might have added Minister for Canine Affairs.