Friday 14th May 2010

Feeding the birds is becoming an obsession. My Mistress got quite excited about choosing a good location for the bird table in the garden. Sadly, rot rather than the woodpecker has seen to its demise. Bits of the bird table starting falling off, entirely without assistance. Determined not to be deterred, my Mistress went and bought a rather fancy bird feeder with lots of different levels to it, which she diligently installed next to a bush in the garden to give the birds some cover. At first nothing came. Then gradually the pigeons found it and it is has progressed from there, so that we get a robin, great tit, blackbird, starling and the list is growing. It turns out that the fat and seed in the coconut shell has proved the most popular, although I have to say I prefer it when they drop bread or cheerios on the floor. Anyway, one of the shells is empty and rather than throw it away, my Mistress has decided to make her own fat shells. She has now looked up a recipe on the internet and is all set to use the fat from the next joint of meet she cooks. The added bonus is that she is also cutting down on waste disposal. I fear if she is left to her own devices for too long she is going to try to find a way of recycling everything we don’t need. She is certainly taking her new composter very seriously and is feeding it with all the things it says are good for it. There was a little section that said that urine would speed up the process and I did offer to try to pee in the right direction but she has told me that will not be necessary. James offered to bring some manure home from the stables but my Master drew the line at having it in his car. He’s probably wise. My Mistress’s car still smells from the bags of compost they brought home in it the other day.