Thursday 13th May 2010

I have been asked to comment on how the Pet Dogs Democratic Party sees the new Government coalition, but before I do I would like to officially apologise to Microsoft. I know I have said how much I dislike your software. I know I have said I don’t like the way that you dominate the market, but I have to confess that at least your software does work. I changed browser because my computer was responding so slowly to Internet Explore. I tried Google Chrome, which I have to say I like very much and did solve the speed issue, but when it came to posting my diary I discovered I couldn’t make it look the way I wanted it. Then I tried mozzarella or whatever it’s called. That proceeded to utterly scramble my diary so that some days didn’t appear and I had to go in to repost them. When I did they didn’t appear at the right time or show the preview. I have had to concede defeat and reinstall Internet Explorer in an attempt to bring you the uninterrupted service you have come to rely on.

Anyway, back to the election. I am disappointed that I have not been invited to join the cabinet or to represent any major Government department. I think this is a wasted opportunity on the part of David Cameron. I did have to concede in discussion with my Mistress that I would have been no good in defence but I think I could have made a good stab at being Chancellor of the Exchequer. (Although perhaps not education as I had great difficulty in spelling Exchequer!) I do think a coalition with ourselves could have worked well, excepting of course that we have no MPs just at the moment. A coalition can bring forward policies that might otherwise have been left in obscurity and can certainly be used to temper the worst excesses of other people’s, or in my case dog’s, policies. Above all I am disappointed that we are unlikely to see the introduction of the minimum wage for working dogs or adequate pension provision for our members, given the current economic uncertainty. We will continue to campaign for these important issues whilst finding holes in what others are proposing.