Wednesday 12th May 2010

Well my Master managed to fly to France yesterday. We are just waiting to see if the ash cloud will let him fly home again later today. This whole volcanic eruption thing does make for some interesting aspects to daily life. I suppose when it first happened there was no opportunity for anyone to be prepared for it, but at least now he has been able to take some emergency underwear with him, just in case!

My Mistress has become a ‘news junkie’ with events unfolding on her computer screen while she works. It’s all very well but when there is no new breaking she starts frantically refreshing the page to see if it’s broken. She was suggesting yesterday that there might be a third way to resolve the election and that was to have a coalition led my Nick Clegg instead of one of the other party leaders. He is certainly the best looking of the three and that has to count for something.

In the meantime we are starting to look forward to the Fun Day on Sunday. My tummy is now completely better and Shadow is improving. There was a horrible minute when my Mistress said that if we weren’t well we wouldn’t be able to go and that would be just awful. Shadow has been on the chicken and rice and I am back on my normal diet so hopefully everything will work out just fine.  My Mistress has a meeting for the village fun day tomorrow night. I have asked her to suggest we have a fun dog show as part of that. I’m not sure who we would get to judge it. I guess we could ask our vet or the man from the kennels but they might not want to be accused of bias.