Monday 10th May 2010

As the campaign for electoral reform in the United Kingdom my Mistress is getting very excited. Supporting the cause is definitely made easier by purple being her favourite colour, but quite apart from that she is delighted to see thousands of people understanding the unfairness of our present system of elections. According to the newspapers there is a large majority of the voting public who agree there is a need for change, she is just hoping that that change can be brought about rather than fizzling out. I, on the other paw, have been trying to work out how many votes the Pet Dogs Democratic Party would need to get across the country in order to be elected. I’ve got plenty of time to think as my Mistress has called a halt to her extended break and has gone back to writing today. I’m sitting under her desk twiddling my paws and wondering whether I can persuade her to come out to play at lunchtime. Shadow is chewing on her bone and seems oblivious to the rest of the world.

We are back to a discussion of whether we should have a vegetable garden. It seems that everyone is keen but for different reasons. I can see opportunities for some little extras to supplement my diet. Shadow is looking forward to digging in nice soft soil. Apparently, they are two of the reasons that my Mistress is holding back on the idea. She has said she would like some sort of greenhouse. Not a full blown one, just a little stand or frame that she can grow seedlings in and protect things from frost. One step at a time though. She needs to try to create a level base for the summer house before she does anything else. We have at least all agreed on the position of that.