Sunday 9th May 2010

Oh the price you pay for progress. I changed to using Google Chrome to explore the internet. I thought it was great and it solved all sorts of problems, until I came to post my diary and found I couldn’t make it look the same anymore. Now I’m trying something called Firefox, but I’m not sure about it yet.

I have been poorly for the last couple of days and am generally feeling sorry for myself. I know it is my own fault for eating every last thing I can find in the garden, but that doesn’t take away from the misery of an upset tummy and then being starved for 24 hours. The only bright note is that my Mistress was supposed to be going out for the day today but she has agreed to come back early so that I don’t miss her too much. She really is a softie when I need her to be. It has been very sad watching Shadow eating and not being allowed anything. As soon as I was allowed some food, my Mistress cooked me chicken and rice specially.

Another piece of good news is that little by little the birds are discovering our new fancy bird table. We bought one of these metal post affairs that hangs food off it in all directions. They have the choice of bird seed, peanuts, bread, Shreddies, Cheerios and a fat ball at the moment. They also have water. The cereals were out of date and I did volunteer to help out with them, but my Mistress insisted on giving them to the birds. To begin with we only had a couple of pigeons. Then a blackbird moved in and now we have a robin as well. Before we know it we should have quite a variety.

My Mistress wants to plant the fuchsias she has bought, but there is still the forecast of frosts for this week. It’s the middle of May. What has happened to the seasons? Have they been affected by the election? Is this the result of a coalition between winter and spring, in which winter has had it accepted that nights can stay frosty in exchange for warmer daytimes?