Wednesday 5th May 2010

Well election day is nearly upon you all. It now seems unlikely that I will be elected as Prime Minister on Thursday, particularly as I’m not actually standing, so I would like to urge all of you who live in marginal constituencies to vote Liberal Democrat to show just how much of a difference you can make. There are those of you who say that they have no immediate record in governing the country, but then look at what those who had a record have managed to achieve. If those that have experience can make such an utter mess of things, you have to give an opportunity to those who might take a more pragmatic approach even if that approach is not based on experience. If you had been voting for me you would have been thinking that you’ve never had a four-legged member of parliament before, but whatever you do in life, someone has to do it first. My Mistress has a lovely card on her desk that was bought for her by her sister when she was about ten years old. My Mistress has treasured it ever since and is amazed by the foresight her sister had at such a young age. The card says ‘Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.’ My Mistress thinks it is one of the most exciting sentiments she knows of. To be your own person, or in my case, dog. To make your own decisions and go where they take you rather than where the crowd goes. Just because they are a crowd does not mean they are right. I guess this also explains why my Mistress lives with us rather than a pack of Labradors!