Tuesday 4th May 2010

My Master has bought some Silver Jubilee roses. My Mistress has bought some roses in pretty colours that will smell nice! This in itself is a major step forwards, however nothing is plain sailing. They discovered that the flower bed that my Master was going to use is on a concrete base and the plants wouldn’t have managed to become established. Now they have agreed to share a flower bed and the debate has progressed into the realms of having to negotiate whose roses will go where in the bed. You wouldn’t believe that the gentle pastime of gardening could become so contentious within the same house!

Far funnier than the roses was when my Mistress decided to fit the blind to the kitchen window. As it turned out, it meant drilling into a metal lintel above the window frame. There was a lot of frustration and the finding of appropriate drill bits, safety goggles and all sorts of paraphernalia and finally when all was sorted there was a shower to wash the iron filings out of her hair and as it turned out, her underwear! Still the blind is now up. The only instruction we have been issued with is not to pull the cord too hard to lower the blind as she fears the whole lot may descend! She couldn’t face putting the one up in the children’s room at the same time so the hilarity of that one is still to come. It does mean that most of the jobs on the list for the little man who has hurt his back have been done. The ones that are left will have to wait until he is fit enough to come round to do them, as my Mistress has had enough.