Thursday 6th May 2010

I am delighted to say that the new grass has had its first cut and it still looks ok. My Mistress remembered not to scalp it, for which it was very grateful and all in all it doesn’t look too bad, which is more than can be said for the bits where they didn’t lay down new turf! In front of our house, by the road, is a bank of grass that is still our responsibility to mow. My Mistress started by strimming and then realised she would be better with a mower. Unfortunately there are so many pot holes in it that the petrol mower kept falling into the ruts. Now please don’t tell my Master but what she really needs is a Flymo. The reason not to tell him – well, when they moved the Flymo was one of the things my Mistress generously gave away, because she thought they didn’t need it. Now she doesn’t feel she can complain that the petrol mower is too heavy and the strimmer is next to useless. She may even have to resort to shears rather than admit she may have been a little fool-hardy. The next job on the list is to drill some holes in the bottom of the old barrel so that it can be turned into a herb garden. Once again my Mistress will be looking deadly with an electric drill.

It seems funny that it is the election today and no one here gets to vote. It is going to make our election much less exciting in three weeks, unless it is a hung parliament and we get to decide. My Mistress and Master are still thinking of staying up tonight to watch the election results. I just hope that they don’t make too much noise while they are doing it. If it’s anything like the election debates, they were shouting at the television.