Monday 3rd May 2010

Now the nice little man at the computer shop says the screen of my Master’s laptop has died and would need to be replaced. He also said it would cost around £220 to £250 to do – pretty much the cost of a new laptop then. My Mistress doesn’t admit defeat quite that easily. She has searched on the internet and found a replacement screen for £80 – all she would have to do is fit it herself. Fortunately the site also offers a rather clever little video explaining how to change a screen. Now she just needs the courage to give it a try.

Today she is supposed to be planting the rose bushes that they bought yesterday. However, they didn’t end up buying any. My Master doesn’t normally take much interest in the garden, but does have an especial interest in roses. The disagreements began before they had even left the drive as to how many bushes would comfortably fit in the flower beds. It wasn’t as though their estimates were even vaguely similar. My Mistress said seven and my master said eighteen. At the garden centre it turned out that my Mistress wanted to buy all different ones and my Master wanted to buy all of one variety, which just happened to be a variety that they didn’t have. They are going to another garden centre today. Let’s just see if the weather can stay fine or whether she is going to end up somewhat bedraggled. Ironically one of the other jobs my Mistress wants to complete is to fix a washing line up outside, to cut down on tumble drying. Of course to actually dry the clothes the weather will have to be a little drier than it has been.