Sunday 2nd May 2010

Well the television is now firmly attached to the wall. It has taken at least three trips to the hardware store to buy the right screws. The funny thing was that when my Mistress bought the first ones, she was told to take them back and change them if she needed the next size up. Then my Master tried to take them back and change them and the man he saw said they didn’t have anything else like that, so he bought something completely different. Once my Mistress came back from her meeting yesterday, she went back to the shop and managed to change them for the next size up to the ones she had got. My Master was fed up that the man he saw hadn’t been able to sort it out for him. The difference was that my Mistress knew where abouts in the shop to look.

It now means that my Mistress can sit in bed watching the election results until she falls asleep, which quite honestly will probably before the result of the first count comes in! She has marked her diary for Friday as ‘stay in bed’ so she is clearly taking it very seriously. So much for taking the week off to do the gardening. They have gone off to the garden centre today in search of rose bushes to plant in the front garden. I’m hoping that there will be some things bought for the back garden too so that I can help with the planting. I’m not allowed out on my own on the front.

My Mistress has been and said hello to the people who have moved into our old house. It seems they have already discovered the oddities of the heating system. I think it took us more than a couple of days to really get to grips with its peculiarities, so they are ahead of us there.