Monday 1st May 2010

I have asked my Mistress to reverse her rain dance. A little light shower to water the grass was fine, but I didn’t need to find it carried on. She would like to apologise to you all for causing a potentially wet bank holiday weekend.

After the political leaders debate on television this week, my Mistress thought she had better find out what had happened to my Master’s postal vote. As he works away very often he needs to vote by post to make sure he doesn’t miss out. Firstly she wondered if it had gone to their old house, but before troubling their old landlord she thought she would have a quick look for key dates on the internet. She found a list on Birmingham City Council’s website, but because she wasn’t sure it was the same for all local authorities she visited Hambleton’s site, which is our area. She got quite a surprise when the headline on that said that our election has had to be delayed because one of the poor candidates has died and the party they stood for has to have the opportunity to find someone else to stand. She was wondering how many people will turn up at the polling station next Thursday because they don’t find out.

Today we have a quiet day, just me, Shadow, Andy and my Master. It’s a lounging around sort of day while my Mistress has gone to a meeting about village churches. To be honest we’re making the most of it as we know that she has a large number of jobs planned for us for tomorrow and Monday. We will be choosing the roses for the new flower beds for one thing and then planting them. Shadow has volunteered to do the digging and I have offered to water them in!