Friday 30th April 2010

I have never seen anyone so happy to see rain as my Mistress was yesterday. I suppose people in countries suffering droughts must be even more pleased, but I don’t actually get to see them. Anyway, she was so pleased that she wouldn’t have to water the lawn at least for one day. It also means that the front lawn has received a proper soaking which I don’t think it was getting with the watering can.

It was very funny seeing my Mistress with her eye up to the fence trying to see what it was I had got so interested in. You see, the house at the bottom of our garden seems to have a hen. I hope that my tail wagging doesn’t put her off egg laying. I haven’t been barking or being annoying. I’m just quite interested to make her acquaintance. It reminded me of the ‘bird flu’ or ‘vogelgrip’ as I seem to remember it was Called in Belgium and the survey we had to complete. I wonder what happened to all that. It seems to have been all rather overtaken by swine flu and then that disappeared off the radar too. I’m not saying I’m sorry it has gone. It’s nice to feel that the local bird population isn’t going to be ostracized again. It can’t be very much fun having everyone pointing the finger and blaming you for spreading disease.

We have now completed some of the list of jobs we had for the little man, but I’m told there are plenty more planned for the weekend. The most alarming turn of events is that my Mistress has progressed from using hand tools to being confident with a power drill. She may be confident, I just think she looks dangerous.