Wednesday 28th April 2010

You get yourself all worked up in case your Mistress is about to secure a publishing contract and then it’s back to square one when she doesn’t make the final 6. I gave her a big cuddle, but I know it was what she really wanted so it was hard to make up for the disappointment. As with all these things, you pick yourself up, you brush yourself down and you try again. I said to her, now she has the house project out of the way she will be able to really make some headway with her writing. She said she felt like giving up, but I won’ let her do that.

It was all very strange last night. My Mistress had some of her friends from book group round and I wasn’t allowed to take part. It isn’t that I’ve red this month’s book. I haven’t. It didn’t look my thing. However, I would have liked to think that on the occasions they meet here I might have been able to be part of it. I had to keep an eye on Shadow in the other room. It is difficult being given the job of puppy minder, not that Shadow is really a puppy anymore, it’s just that she hasn’t really started behaving like an adult. She has a new fixation with chasing and trying to eat bees. It is really worrying my Mistress. She has Shadow down and tried to explain what can happen when you are stung by a bee, but Shadow says that the buzzing that they make just takes over and she can’t resist trying to catch them. She is one strange dog.

It’s only been a couple of days and my Mistress is already fed up of watering the grass. It wouldn’t be so bad if every so often the sprinkler didn’t catch her unawares and shower her with water. There was one point when she seemed to be covered from head to toe which was quite an achievement.