Tuesday 27th April 2010

We are in ‘catch up’ mode. My Mistress is trying to get a long list of little jobs done before trying to get back to her writing next week. Some of them are going well, such as the window cleaner knocking on the door on the day she had listed to ring to see when they could come. Some of them are not going quite so well, such as the poor little greenfinch flying into the clean window of the study and suffering concussion for around half an hour. We had to lift him to a safe patch of ground so that Shadow didn’t get to him before he had recovered. Then my Mistress took Shadow inside until she had made certain he had flown a little way and seemed to have come back to his senses. The moral of this story is that there are advantages of having dirty windows.

We had a lovely phone call from Megan. She is fine and looking forward to coming over. The new puppies are growing very fast apparently. She was quite frightened of them when they were very small, but she has grown a little more used to them now. My Master is in Switzerland at the moment. It is a shame he can’t go to see her as I think she would like that.

I was very proud of my Mistress for wearing her ‘Alfie Dog for Prime Minister’ t-shirt yesterday. She did have a jumper over the top of it, but it was a nice gesture. Sadly I don’t seem to be getting much airtime and am throwing my weight behind Nick Clegg instead. I think he might be the most sympathetic to some of the reforms I would like to be brought in.