Thursday 29th April 2010

Getting a little man in to do all the odd jobs is a great idea in theory, but our little man has hurt his back and can’t come for a couple of weeks. Now my Mistress wants to know if I fancy turning my paw to a spot of DIY. I asked if she was going to help and she said ‘possibly’. I think between us we could do some of the jobs on the list but I don’t think we can do all of them. I find it difficult to go up a ladder on two paws while using the other two to support something I’m trying to attach to the wall. There has to be an easier way than this.

It has been a week of boring paperwork apart from that. There was a whole pile of things that my Mistress put on the ‘can’t face now’ pile that have finally worked their way to the top and demanded some attention. Amongst other things she is trying to complete her tax return. If only these things were straightforward. This government is supposed to have simplified the tax system but from what I can see they haven’t made a very effective job of it.

Shadow has started digging in the garden. I suppose I started it really. I didn’t dig I just found that the neighbours at the bottom have something very interesting in their garden. There I was with my eye angled to the gap in the fence trying to have a good look, my tail wagging merrily. Then Shadow came up and said ‘Why don’t we go through?’ and before I had chance to explain that wasn’t allowed she had begun the workings of a tunnel. Needless to say my Mistress was not best pleased and has put a large rockery stone in it until she can work out what to do.