Wednesday 21st April 2010

Alarmingly, I have had a letter from a cat. Actually it is my Mistress that has had the letter and it tells her that the cat, who goes by the name of Keela, has owners who are both moving and getting married. It’s quite a short note but it does providing worrying evidence that there are some cats out there getting an education. The thought of animals with an inbuilt superiority complex being educated should be enough to make humans worry never mind their canine companions. I suppose we will start to get some of the debate that goes on in mainstream human politics if we aren’t careful. I can just imagine the way they would argue their political points. There would be a lot of name calling and snide remarks, in fact not so different to some of the human political parties.

I think I need to write to the television channels to complain. At the moment there are a series of debates being televised which are between the leaders of the main political parties. Did my invite get lost in the post? Why haven’t they included the leader of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party on such an important platform? I know I would have looked at least as good as any of the other leaders and I might even have given Mr Clegg some real competition. I haven’t yet heard any of them advocating the extension of the equality legislation to dogs or offering us either pension rights or the minimum wage. So many people say that the main political parties have policies that are too similar. I can offer a very real alternative. I suppose until we dogs can really get our act together and unite behind one cause, it will be difficult. There really is too much in-fighting and barking amongst ourselves going on.