Thursday 22nd April 2010

Spring is most certainly in the air. The biggest worry is that Shadow has developed an obsession with the queen bees that are flying around. She has killed two and fortunately was caught before she tried eating them. My Mistress likes bees and for a start is very anxious about the welfare of the bee population. She is also concerned about the welfare of Shadow and what would happen if she got stung in the mouth. How do you tell an exuberant puppy that what she is doing is bad for her health? It’s already bad enough that I am being put on puppy sitting duties when everyone goes out. In the past I was left to my own devices, which generally meant sitting by the front door waiting for my Mistress or curling up on her bed. Now I have to be shut in with Shadow so that there is someone to keep an eye on her and distract her. Why do I have to do the job?

We now have a wooden fence round all of the garden. It looks very nice but sadly it means we can’t argue quite as effectively with the little terrier that lives at the bottom of the garden. He really hasn’t made us feel very welcome. The good thing is that he is so small we don’t have to make such a fuss. Oh we aren’t above a bit of barking but we certainly don’t need to stoop to baring our teeth the way he does.  It is a shame. The first time I saw him he reminded me of Elvis and I got all excited and thought that maybe we could be friends. I don’t think he was impressed by our moving so close to his territory and he certainly didn’t start with a polite introduction. He is the only neighbouring dog so it isn’t too bad.