Tuesday 20th April 2010

Hearing that the navy are going to start rescuing people that are stranded abroad could almost make you wish that you were one of them. It sounds fun to come home by war ship. As my Mistress came back on Sunday, at every station people asked her where she had managed to get a ticket to England. There were people stranded everywhere and taking all sorts of odd journeys in an attempt to get closer to England. Of course there were just as many people from other countries trying to go in the opposite direction. My Mistress did wonder how much she could have sold her ticket for and then stayed longer, but she wanted to get home to see us, for which I was certainly grateful.

After another chewing incident at the weekend, in which Shadow tried to eat her way through some wooden steps, my Mistress has sat her down to have a serious discussion. She has given Shadow a number of options. She can try taking a herbal mixture that will help calm her down. It’s a bit like drinking camomile tea apparently. If that doesn’t work then she can choose between being confined to a large dog crate white my Mistress is out or having a kennel outside that she goes into for those times. I have checked that I am not expected to join her and on that basis I think it is a good idea. Shadow has opted for the camomile tea and has promised to try to be a good puppy. She also copes best if she has a chew readily to hand, which my Mistress said she is quite prepared to do but Shadow has to accept that they will come out of her pocket money. On balance it is cheaper for her than replacing the things she destroys.