Wednesday 14th April 2010

When they built the wardrobe, there were several bits that didn’t go according to plan. Firstly, the bottom of the wardrobe wasn’t level, so applying brute force to push the end panel in place simply meant that they split the wood on the base where the screws were supposed to go in. Secondly, it is all very well hitting wooden dowels in with a hammer, but if the wood they are hitting against is thin they aren’t going to stop, they are going to come straight out the other side. Fortunately the side they came out of was the top so it isn’t very noticeable. Finally, if you want to know which way up to hang a door do you really ask an accountant? Just to prove the point they had an almost perfectly formed lopsided wardrobe with one piece left to fit which wouldn’t go on because they had hung one of the doors upside down. My Master was all for applying the brute force again to make it fit, until my Mistress worked out where in the previous instructions her helpful advice might have sent them off in the wrong direction. Several hours later when it was finally hung the right way up, miraculously the final part fitted perfectly and the wardrobe looked almost new – if you don’t look too closely!

I can’t believe after all the waiting and false starts that my Mistress is finally off to see Megan tomorrow. She is so excited. I’m taking it as well as can be expected when I think she is visiting another dog. I know I’m still her top dog even though we’ve got Shadow and I’m not expecting the situation to change when Megan arrives. A place for her bed has been found next to mine, but it doesn’t have as good a view of my sleeping Mistress in the night. I’ve still got the best spot.