Tuesday 13th April 2010

I underestimated the jobs we still had to do yesterday. It was only normality if that includes building the bookcase my Mistress bought from Ikea on Saturday. This time it is for Andy’s room in an attempt to keep his toys in some sort of order. He is at the age of having grown out of all his early childhood toys and growing into others. He’s a big fan of Lego. More to the point he is a big fan of working with his dad on something and his dad likes building Lego. Some of the models they have built between them are really quite remarkable. The problem is that once they are built they don’t want to break them up again and so they take up a lot of space. Gone are the days when Lego blocks meant building a basic house and the biggest decision was where you were going to put the windows. Now there are spaceships and little men to fly them and all sorts of weird and wonderful projects. Dog toys really are very far behind on the inventive stakes.

Talking of stakes, did I mention that my Mistress backed the horse that came in fourth in the Grand National? Fortunately she had an each way bet. She was delighted with the £6 she won. “Now let me get this straight,” I said. “You backed 2 horses at £2 each way and if I have listened to you carefully enough, that means you have staked a total of £8. Am I right?” She nodded meekly. “So now you are getting excited because you have won £6, when in fact overall you have lost £2.” Now you can call me a stupid dog, but where I come from that isn’t something to celebrate. My conclusion was that humans really are the strangest of animals.