Thursday 15th April 2010

This time Shadow has gone too far. Fair enough she wasn’t happy that we had been shut in for a couple of hours while my Mistress had to go out and I will agree it was all a bit disorientating having the workmen digging outside of the window that we were in, but at the end of the day that is no excuse. A settee is for sitting on, lying on and generally being comfortable with. If you take all the stuffing out of it then it ceases to serve a very useful purpose. Shadow didn’t so much as carefully take out the stuffing. It was more a case of trying to have a one dog giant pillow fight. It all started when she found the end of the zip and decided to play tug with it. Well she made a hole in the cushion cover and then the zip, which ran the whole length of the cushion, gave out completely to reveal a lovely soft inner cushion packed full of really fun fluffy bits. That was the point at which despite my cautioning her, Shadow got completely carried away. When my Mistress came back, the room looked like a blizzard had struck, combined with something of a whirlwind.

Fortunately my Mistress is not too bad at sewing and promptly deployed an old sheet to remake the cushion inner and then restuffed it with all the bits. If she can just find a matching zip, or take the easy option and sew the cushion up the job will be complete and except for a few telltale signs, no one will be any the wiser, or at least they wouldn’t be if I hadn’t told you. The worst of it is we have now been confined to a room without a settee when my Mistress goes out. If it weren’t for having to keep Shadow company, I would be allowed the run of the house as I can be trusted! Some things in life just aren’t fair.