Monday 5th April 2010

My Mistress is very excited. She entered her first novel into a competition run by a publishing company in which first prize is publication. She received news yesterday that she has made the longlist of 12 novels. She now has to wait until the end of the month before she hears whether she has made the shortlist. I told her that even getting this far was very good and it was better than I had achieved so far. I also asked if she ever becomes famous whether she would take me to some of her book launches and signings just so I could get to see what it would have been like.

The Easter egg hunt all got a bit excitable yesterday. To be honest I think Shadow was a little overcome. The boys enjoyed themselves so much that they gave all their eggs back and asked for them to be hidden again. My Master thought it was a great wheeze going round the house finding hiding places and having to keep a note of where he put them to make sure they all got found. On one occasion he was very proud of a particular hiding place and didn’t think they would find it at all. The only problem was that the boys spotted it immediately, much to my Master’s disappointment. The boys did ask for the game to be repeated a third time, but by then my Mistress had had enough of them running round the house and called a halt to proceedings. She can be a real meanie at times! I asked to go to the pub quiz with them in the evening but I wasn’t allowed.

We did have one moment of high drama in the day. Shadow and I had been left in charge for half an hour, when part of the light fitting in the kitchen fell off and smashed on the stone floor. We just looked at each other and wondered how we were going to explain that it was nothing we’d done. As it turned out, it was a part they had superglued back to the fitting and clearly the superglue hadn’t held when it got really hot, so instead of getting the blame we got lots of fuss in case the crash had scared us.