Tuesday 6th April 2010

It’s April, I have a fur coat and I am being subjected to log fires just because the boys want to play with fire. As if that isn’t enough there has been a major change of plan as what furniture is to go where and all sorts of things are being moved round the house when I had only just got used to their new locations. Fortunately it doesn’t involve any of my beds moving, so there are no really tough decisions to be made, but an easy chair that I had my eye on has disappeared from its current location and reappeared in a room I’m not really allowed in. On a brighter note, the builders will be back today so there should be plenty of barking opportunities.

The cuckoo clock has been given a home and is now chirping with enthusiasm every half hour and for the first time my Master has put his train clock up. On the hour the station master comes out and blows his whistle and a little train runs round the track at the bottom. It’s great because there is a button you can press to make it happen even if it isn’t the actual hour. My Mistress keeps sneaking into the lounge to make the train go round.

There are a few odd jobs that need doing and my Mistress says she is going to ring GALMI. Her mother understood what she meant but it went way over my head. She says it came from a tv programme called ‘From May to December’ and it stood for get a little man in. She needs to ring the nice handyman in the next village who put the curtain poles up and see if he could put some more things up for us.