Sunday 4th April 2010

A very happy Easter to you all. It’s been funny watching my Master planning an Easter egg hunt around the garden. It’s more a question of where amongst the building materials will the children find the eggs but not the workmen. Obviously we don’t really mind if the builders find them as they are all very nice, but the main point of the exercise is to entertain the children and of course the dogs – although we aren’t allowed to eat the chocolate. Ours is more of a dog biscuit hunt. We aren’t allowed to look where they are hidden and then we charge round the garden seeing how many we can sniff out. It works out quite well for me as Shadow gets distracted too easily and ends up chasing the ducks and pigeons and forgets the bones.

There is still a lot to do around the house but little by little it is starting to look a little more sorted and a little less of a bomb site. We are almost ready to ring the nice men from the removals company to ask them to come and take all the boxes away. It will be a real achievement when we get to the end of this lot. Although then some of the real sorting out can begin, unless we just give up! My Mistress needs to sort out all her old clothes. In another life she used to get to go to lots of formal dinners and has a whole wardrobe of ball gowns. These days her usual haunt is the pub and she would look a bit too overdressed turning up in one of those. Although she could develop a reputation for being eccentric!