Saturday 3rd April 2010

There are some battles you just can’t win. My Mistress wanted to buy a particular shoe rack in Ikea. When she went last time, the internet said they had 8 of them but there were none on the shelf. This time she checked the internet and it still said 8 so she rang the helpdesk before going. They told her one was faulty but they had rung the store and the other 7 were on the shelf. So she drove 45 miles to the nearest Ikea, only to find the shelf empty once again. A very nice little man did explain that there was a problem with all the shoe racks from that supplier as once they reached normal temperature the paint started to peel. He couldn’t however account for the duff information. I’m pleased to say however that our journey wasn’t wasted and she came away having bought half the shop as normal. Shadow and I had to sit outside in the car, but it wasn’t too bad. My Mistress has got the hang of shopping in Ikea now and can get round, pay and get back to the car in as little as 40 minutes. Sometimes she has even managed to buy the things she intended to as well.

She is now trying to do something complicated involving computers and routers and wireless connections but to be honest when she explained most of it went straight over my head. I just approve that she has called the wireless network ‘Little Scruffy Dog’, not that I am either little or scruffy. At least while she is doing that she isn’t building the things she bought in Ikea, so there has to be an upside.