Friday 2nd April 2010

When my Mistress said it was time for our worming tablets yesterday, I thought she was pulling an April Fools joke on us, but sadly she was being serious and we had the ignominy of being wormed. On a brighter note she has now unpacked the box with my favourite bed in it, although she marred that one by putting it through the washing machine rather than giving it to me dirty. She has asked where I would like it putting and quite honestly I can’t decide. I think I want it as my bedtime bed again, but that means spending less time in my old bed and I am rather attached to that one too. I am impressed that thoughtfully she has put some rugs on the hard floors for me to sit on so that I don’t get my little derriere cold.

We have started deciding which pictures should go up in which rooms. Unfortunately I don’t seem to get a lot of say, although My Mistress has allowed me to have the cartoon by Charles Barsotti that was issued on a British postage stamp on the window ledge by my food bowl. It is a cartoon of a dog saying ‘Fetch this, fetch that. Let the cat get it.’ I must say it rather appeals to my sense of humour. I’m now angling for the picture of another Charles Barsotti cartoon of the same dog answering the phone with the caption ‘Must you people always ring at meal times?’ to go on the wall near my bowl. You may have gathered, he is my Mistress’s favourite cartoonist and she particularly likes his series of cartoons involving the little dog who finds himself everywhere from in court for various crimes, to the psychiatrist couch because his owners have told him they wish they’d got a cat. Can you imagine how dreadful that must be for the little fellow, to feel so unwanted? I can certainly rest assured on that score as during the move my Mistress has at long last given away her cat basket.