Thursday 1st April 2010

I started reading the budget, but to be honest, I got as far as the words ‘maintaining macroeconomic stability’ and lost the will to read any further. Are there really people out there that speak like that? More to the point are there people out there that take the trouble to understand what it is all about? I for one didn’t. It did occur to me that anything the current government suggested was all rather pointless anyway, as they are unlikely to still be in power by the time they get to implement it. Whoever follows them will have ideas of their own and will only start to undo all the ‘good’ or ‘harm’ whichever way you want to look at it that the present government has bought about.

Meanwhile on the home front, Shadow decided that she wanted the basket under the desk as well as me. When she gets in I don’t like to intrude, but my Mistress told her to get out again as she had chosen the settee. I didn’t gloat, well not much anyway. I got in and settled down only to find her climb in and snuggle up to me. I didn’t have the heart to ask her to get out again. As it turned out, sharing wasn’t so bad after all. My Mistress took our picture and now has it as her screensaver.

The was a moment of high excitement yesterday when my Mistress found the lost feet for the speaker stands. This was followed by another moment of excitement when the furniture company announced they could supply a new set of fittings for the wardrobe that is standing rather forlornly in a corner, or more to the point several corners as it is in pieces. It feels good when things start to come together.