Monday 29th March 2010

We are getting to like our new house and garden. There are more places to run round and cause mayhem and lots of exciting new smells. To be honest I may be in trouble with the builders for running through a pile of sand and kicking it everywhere, although they may prefer that to the fact that I peed on it. My Mistress is getting the hang of the new cooker and meals aren’t too bad. The most fun has been all the people coming to the house for the many things we seem to be giving away. It is so exciting to smell such diversity. I have however steadfastly refused to give away any of my things.

We have spent a little bit of time on our own in the new house. It was really funny because my Mistress shut us into the kitchen which has a little room for the children off it. Then when she went out of the front door we both went to the window and put our paws up on the window ledge so that we could see her and carried on shouting goodbye. She couldn’t work out where the noise was coming from as she had forgotten we could get into the other room. In the end she saw us and we waved. The windows are at a much more sensible height in this house, we can get up to them all. The only thing I miss is being able to sit on the stairs and look out of the front door to see when dogs walked past. I suppose the other sadness is that fewer dogs actually walk past here. In fact it really is very quiet.