Sunday 28th March 2010

Do you think the builders will mind? I’m marked most of the remaining building materials as my territory. Shadow and I have had a good run round our new garden and to be honest I don’t know why they are planning to put grass down, from a dog’s perspective it is far more fun a the moment with sand and wood and piles of bricks.

My Mistress has been selling her extra tickets to the Whitney Houston concert on Ebay. When they booked, my Mistress had hoped to go as well, but she can’t really cope with loud noises so she decided to sell her ticket and the spare one. There is only one small problem. When the tickets were booked it looked as though it was going to be a good concert. Then Whitney appeared on tv under the influence of drugs and not singing very well. Since then she has done some concerts that have received dreadful reviews. Now my Mistress is having to sell her tickets at a loss and someone is buying a bargain; if you can call tickets to hear someone who can’t sing anymore a bargain. It’s all rather sad really. Even her manager said that if you wanted to hear the Whitney of twenty years ago you would be better to buy a cd!

We have found one problem with our new house. We are not sitting at the front of the house and don’t therefore hear Brian bring the post. This is meaning that Shadow and I are a biscuit short for our morning break. I have tried arguing that our Mistress should make up the shortfall, but she doesn’t seem impressed.