Saturday 27th March 2010

Well we are in the place we now call home and we are starting to get our bearings. Shadow has met the whole adventure with a huge amount of glee. I have taken things a little more calmly and worked my way round giving everywhere a good sniff. By the time she collected us my Mistress was tired and I have to say really rather filthy, but very soon afterwards she went up for a shower and we got to explore the upstairs of the house. It’s too early to say what I really think. I’m reserving my judgement. I think from first impressions that I like it, but I’m not convinced that the decision to have hard floors in so much of downstairs was a good one, at least from the point of view that they are cold to sit on. I’m not altogether impressed with all the boxes that need unpacking either.

There haven’t been many mishaps. My Mistress has some door handles to change at the old house, as the ones that were there were quite difficult to open and she changed them. She has just she has to put back on at the old house have been packed in a box and are now somewhere in the garage. The only problem is that there is a big pile of boxes in the garage and she doesn’t know which one to look in. I think this is going to take some time.

The loveliest thing was coming home to a ‘welcome to your new home’ balloon and present from one of our friends in the village. It was waiting on the doorstep when we arrived. It was the nicest thing to come back to.