Friday 26th March 2010

You have to hand it to them, it wasn’t the easiest moving day. Firstly there was the fact that the builders decided to pick the same time to fix a lot of problems. So in addition to three removals men trying to take things into the house, there were two painters, two plasterers, two electricians, a tiler, and a joiner in the house. There were dust sheets everywhere and several rooms they couldn’t go in. Then after the electrician had gone several circuits of the electricity went off and wouldn’t come back on, including the heating, the hot water and the house alarm. The alarm then ran on its battery back up until deciding to go off at 4.54 in the morning. My Mistress would just like to apologise to all our neighbours and is grateful that on this occasion no one called the police.

She has waited until today to take us back into the chaos. She said it was because the fence wasn’t ready for us, but the reality is that I would have moaned about the lack of heating. I must admit that I am excited and more than a little apprehensive about moving in. My Mistress has reassured me that she knows where some of my things are, although she can’t actually get to the box they are in, but by the time we arrive she has promised to try to move the boxes that are on top of them. I asked whether she had found my food and was thankful that the answer was yes. After that as long as I have her bed to sleep on, nothing else really matters.