Thursday 25th March 2010

My Mistress barely knew what her name was when I rang her. I think they did the sensible thing and ate at the pub last night to save her the hassle of finding things. If we are being honest, she didn’t want to spoil her new cooker which is lovely and shiny at the moment. My little car had to stand outside in the rain overnight so that they could sort out the garage. I’m just hoping that it is going to be ok, at least the battery was all right this time and it started first time. James had joked that it would have to go on the removals van with all the furniture, but fortunately he was wrong.

My Mistress made some signs to put up on our narrow lane to say that the road was blocked. It was a good idea and would have been even better if she had kept the clear plastic containers out to put them in first. She had to put them in something as it was raining and the only thing she could find was some blue food bags. It made the sign look very strange, but hopefully it stopped anyone getting too annoyed.

They have had Sky television connected for the first time. In contrast to British Telecom, they have done everything they said they would exactly when they said they would do it and with the minimum of fuss. Why is it that if one large corporation can get it so seamlessly right another has such difficulties?