Tuesday 16th March 2010

Schools have careers evenings and careers advice for children. Why do dog training classes not offer careers advice to dogs? I think there should be special sessions arranged for us when we can go and talk to other dogs about the lines of work they are pursuing. You can see it now, a guide dog, a guard dog, a sheep dog and a sniffer dog, all with their own little stands and giving away freebies to encourage us. I’m not sure if there would be a stand for stud dogs or whether that is a bit like having a booth for ‘porn star’ at a school careers convention!

Little by little the new house is coming together. My Mistress has decided that we will be sleeping there from Monday next week, so at least Shadow and I get a night there before we have to decamp to the kennels while the removal men move all our stuff. I don’t know what Shadow thinks, but it has certainly made me feel more part of the process. We have been made to promise not to bark at the workmen too much. It’s not so much of an issue for me, I’m fairly welcoming of anyone as long as they stop and say hello to me, but Shadow is a little more highly strung and can get a little over excited.

We heard from Megan at the weekend. She is doing very well and looking forward to meeting my Mistress in April. Apparently she is very pretty too and everyone thinks she’s adorable. What a little family we are going to make. It will be quite something when we all have an outing together. I suppose I will have to stand back and let the girls get all the attention, but I’m sure I will still be noticed for my handsome appearance.