Monday 15th March 2010

We heard from our builder yesterday. He is home from hospital and needs to stay in bed for a few days to rest and recuperate. We are all just so relieved that he is all right. He has become a friend through the course of the work, rather than just the builder and my Mistress in particular has been very worried about him. The worst that could happen is that we move into a house that isn’t finished, but that’s not the end of the world. We’ve got water and the heating will be working properly from today. The cooker will be in place and the kitchen largely finished, what more do we really need? Unless of course you include the fact that BT have so far failed to deliver working Broadband and my Mistress is expecting to spend hours on the phone to them today trying to sort it out.

Packing up our old house reached the critical phase yesterday. My Mistress suddenly realised how much there is to do and how little time there is to do it in. She also realised that there is absolutely nowhere to put all the boxes she is packing. We could sit on them and eat off them was my suggestion but she didn’t seem quite so keen. I asked when she was going to start on the garage, but she didn’t seem to even want to think about that. She should look on the bright side, at least they haven’t filled the loft with stuff as well. I’ve found all this packing a bit disconcerting. The last time we did it was very sad, because we were leaving my beloved homeland of Belgium. This time it is hard to get my head round the fact it is exciting because of how lovely our new house is. I’m sure I’ll be fine when we get there.