Sunday 14th March 2010

From what we have heard, our builder is going to be all right. He has fractured a vertebra but nothing else is broken and he can move everything. We now wish him a speedy and full recovery and are very thankful that it wasn’t more serious.

Years ago, my Mistress and her friends used to watch the Formula 1 races together. This was long before my time. They all used to choose their own teams and earn points according to how their teams performed. Now thanks to the internet, although they all live in different places they are doing it again. Obviously they are having to watch the races separately but they have all chosen teams and will be shouting on their motley assortment of drivers. My Master had some say in the team we have chosen, although my suggestions were not heeded. I was disappointed to learn that there are still no dogs driving in the race, although I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

My Mistress is looking forward to getting the move out of the way. At the moment it is taking up all of her time and she isn’t being able to get on with her writing at all. She is looking forward to shutting herself off in her new office and putting a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door. It will have to be a figurative sign as she doesn’t actually have a door. I don’t think it applies to me anyway. I think I am still allowed to disturb her. She never turns me away. Once James goes to his new school, my Mistress isn’t going to have to drive him there in the morning or collect him in the evening. It will mean she can work for longer without interruption. I hope she doesn’t become too boring.