Saturday 13th March 2010

Yesterday didn’t turn out at all as we expected. Shadow and I went bananas when a low flying helicopter went over. Just after that my Mistress had to go up to the new house to accept a delivery and there was the ambulance outside. Our builder had just fallen off the roof of the house and was being taken away to hospital. We are waiting for news on how he is, but it left my Mistress and all the other workmen very shaky. She has asked if I will ask you to pray for him. After that the day was decidedly flat and strange. No one really knew what to do with themselves. My Mistress took some Jaffa Cakes to the other workmen being the only thing she immediately had to hand. It didn’t seem very much but she wanted to do something. She felt very shaky and burst into tears on several occasions, but that was just the shock. I of course fulfilled my role as her faithful pet and gave her a cuddle, which she seemed very grateful for.

I have heard from my old best friend from Belgium. He now lives in America and although he’s very happy, he does say that as a nation the Americans are not nearly so open minded towards the integration of dogs in society. He isn’t allowed to go into restaurants, but at least there are some parks where he can still be let off the lead and have a good run. It was good to hear that he was ok and that his family are doing all right.

My Mistress has to go to Ikea this weekend. It brought back memories of sitting in the car park of the one at Breda waiting for her. I said on this occasion I would be happy to be excluded from the trip, but if she saw anything nice in their pet range then she could always bring me a present.