Tuesday 2nd March 2010

I’m getting stressed just watching my Mistress this week. She really doesn’t know if she is coming or going. (I prefer the Australian expression for that – she doesn’t know if she’s Arthur or Martha!) Anyway, she keeps rushing off and telling me I’m in charge and to keep an eye on Shadow while she’s gone. What does she think I’m going to be able to do if Shadow goes on the rampage? I tend to go for the approach of spending my time either sleeping or surfing the internet when she’s out. Every so often, Shadow will bounce up and say “Come and see what I’ve done” or “Do you want a came of tug? Come on wuss I bet I can beat you.” To be honest, that second approach is quite effective as I have some pride to maintain.

There is going to be a puppet show in our village hall. I have asked whether it is possible for me to go. Unfortunately it is when my Mistress is going to Switzerland to see Megan, so she will not be able to take me. I tried asking my Master but he will have Andy to look after and he doesn’t like puppets. Shadow is a bit too young to appreciate it, so unless I can persuade James to take me, I may have to go on my own.  I was also please to hear that we are going to have another Fun Day. I asked if I could have a go on the plate smashing, although with the lack of opposable thumbs, I may need some assistance. I wonder whether my Mistress will volunteer to run the coconut shy again or whether this year she will try something different. I’m quite sure my Master will want to take part in the egg throwing again.