Wednesday 3rd March 2010

I may have forgotten to mention that my little car didn’t pass its road test. It nearly didn’t make it to the garage in the first place, seeing as my Mistress skidded on some ice on a bend and wasn’t sure if the car was going with her or in the opposite direction. She overcame that hurdle but car demanded some TLC before it would agree to pass the test. I suppose that’s what happens when you have a twelve year old car. It doesn’t always work exactly the way it did when it was new. It may have been sulking because my Mistress said she was seriously thinking of selling it. You never can tell with cars.

We now have some furniture in the new house and if anyone knows where my Master and Mistress might have put the screws to the wardrobe when they dismantled it then we would be very grateful to hear from you. The prospect of emptying every single box in order to find them is not one that appeals. My Mistress said she was sure she’d made a note of it somewhere. The only small problem is that at the moment, she can’t find the note either. These are the little situations that are sent to try us. That and having some large pieces of furniture taken upstairs only to reach the conclusion that they really won’t fit where we had hoped and now we need to get them down again. For that one, I suggested taking an axe to the items in question but I was overruled. They may of course come back to my suggestion after they have tried moving the furniture and either failed or hurt their backs. I promise I won’t say I told you so. I may think it, but I definitely won’t say it.