Monday 1st March 2010

There is so much to tell you. I thought my excitement knew no limits when my Mistress bought the website I mentioned yesterday, but it seems that is not the end of it. Now she has set up her own company. She is looking at publishing a number of books as well as one or two other little ventures and was looking for the best way to do it. She decided there was no harm in becoming a limited company so that is exactly what she has done. Now for the reason it is so very exciting, she has called herself Alfie Dog Limited. How cool is that? I asked if I could be one of the directors but it’s another of these dogist situations where we dogs are discriminated against. I can neither be a director or a shareholder but I am without doubt the inspiration for the company and the company mascot. I have entered into discussions about my fees and have made a number of proposals for the company logo. My favoured suggestion is a photograph of myself, but apparently that could seriously increase printing costs. It’s possible we may settle on a paw print, but I did explain that was something we had already looked at using for my own work. I mellowed when I realised my books would be coming out under the guise of ‘Alfie Dog Publishing’ a trading name of Alfie Dog Limited. How many dogs can boast their own company as well as web addresses and blog? I am one lucky dog.

The only problem is that both Shadow and Megan are sulking because it hasn’t been named after them. My Mistress handles it very well and explained they were going to be having puppies and I wasn’t. They seemed to accept that, although Shadow is a little moody right now so she wasn’t so forgiving.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind