Saturday 27th February 2010

Oh the bliss of being young and being able to choose the subjects you want to study. I was looking at James’s options brochure for school and I think I would like to do drama and possibly art as well as my main subjects. Of course, no one actually gave me a choice like that and I simply got to choose whether to be obedient or not. (I chose not). Shadow is going to start agility in the summer but my Mistress didn’t want me to do that because of my heart murmur. You would think I’d get some say in the matter, it is my heart! Anyway, I’m not that agile. I never totally got the hang of cornering and find my rear end seems to carry on in the wrong direction. It can be unfortunate for anyone standing in the wrong place when I choose to have a mad run round.

My master had a disastrous week from the travel perspective. I suppose that might be an exaggeration, nobody got hurt or anything like that. On Wednesday he got up at 3.45am in order to catch a plane at 7.00am. However there was ice on the runway and the plane was faulty so they were delayed by a couple of hours. By that time he had missed his connecting flight and had to wait several hours for another one. Coming home turned out to be no better. He was doing all right until the plane was nearing home and it was too foggy to land, so it diverted to another airport. He then had to wait for a bus to take him to the right airport so that his prearranged taxi could drive him home. He says he is never travelling again, but I don’t believe him.