Thursday 25th February 2010

How do tipping points work on the internet? You know, the point at which suddenly a site goes from a few people looking at it to thousands of people suddenly turning up. With most things it is a gradual process until suddenly some even tips it over the edge. What I want to know is how do I tip my blog over the edge? The numbers of readers has increased steadily since I started writing to you all four years ago and every month people come along and read all though my life so far, but what do I actually have to do in order for the numbers to become significantly more? Would it help if I were to start mentioning things like Ashley and Cheryl Cole splitting up? Not that I actually know anything about it, as I’m sure is the case with most of the media, not that it stops them commenting on it all. Anyway, if you’ve got any suggestions please let me know.

My Mistress has nearly finished the edit of her book. She is going to put it aside for a few weeks before reading it again. I said if she wasn’t going to be busy could she help me with my Woodland stories for a few days as I’ve got a bit stuck. Unfortunately she pointed out that she was going to be a bit busy turning up curtains and packing and unpacking boxes. I think she’s just being mean. Neil, our foreman on the building work, wants her to include a bricklayer who stabs someone with a trowel in her next book. She said she needs to have a closer look at the trowel to see how possible it would be and hoped that he wasn’t planning to stab the client.