Wednesday 24th February 2010

It is exactly four weeks until we move into the new house. The countdown clock is ticking away and my Mistress is finding more and more things to become stressed by. I said I was prepared to have a bash at carpet fitting but she didn’t seem to think I would have the requisite skills.  More importantly, my Mistress has been putting together a list of invitees to the house warming, so I went and found a piece of paper and jotted down the friends of mine that I would like to invite. When I handed it to my Mistress she looked at me aghast and said I’d better sit down for a minute. Then she went on to explain that she was thinking of me and Shadow spending the day at the kennels that day so that there were dogs hairing around while they were entertaining. Is it my house as well as their or isn’t it? It’s bad enough that I can’t invite my own friends but to be excluded from the excitement as well is most unreasonable. I can understand why they might not want Shadow in the way, she’s hyperactive, but I’m great at entertaining and I was rather looking forward to showing everyone around.

There doesn’t seem to be any sign of spring coming just yet. My Mistress is convinced that better weather is just around the corner, but if that is the case I can only think she’s been looking round the wrong corner. There are some flowers that are attempting to grow little shoots, but the snow and ice has soon put a stop to all that. The frost has even cracked one of the plant pots, which is going to mean the flowers in that one need moving to a new home. I said if my Mistress just left it outside the backdoor then Shadow would dig the old plants out for her. She would however eat them as well.