Tuesday 23rd February 2010

My little car was supposed to go to the garage for its service and MOT in December, but my Mistress had to cancel it because of the snow. She rearranged it for next Monday. Now you know what they say about lightning not striking twice! With a week to go she is hoping that the temperature will warm up a bit and that the snow will have gone again. I don’t fancy having to push my little car up the slope of the drive to get it out, as it is she will have to put the battery on charge before it will go anywhere. Nor is the cold weather helping with her plan to repair the grass. Nothing is growing and with the snow covering it, the existing grass is being deprived of sunlight too, so all in all it’s isn’t a good thing. However, I like the snow and with the frozen ground it has brought a brief respite to this silly idea of taking us out in the garden on our leads.

I’m very excited that another Fun Day is being arranged for our breed. It’s even more exciting because some of Shadows brothers and their owners will be coming to stay with us so that they can attend. Shadow can’t wait to show the boys her new home and will probably insist that she is the boss. I’ll just tag along behind to see if any of them want to play. I’ve put a bid in for us to play the sausage race game at the Fun Day and my Master has offered to be put in charge of the sausages, although to be honest they’d probably be as safe with me! Shadow wants a competition for the prettiest dog, which she is under the impression she may win. If I were her I’d make the most of it as when Megan arrives I think Shadow may have a rival for the title.