Monday 22nd February 2010

Now I wasn’t expecting that. I wrote my diary quite early yesterday morning and before I had looked out of the window at the white stuff descending from the sky. By mid morning it was getting quite thick and there were the usual emergency moving of cars procedures to be carried out so that we didn’t get stuck. It will be so much better when we move and have a flat drive.

Once James’s bed was out of the way, my Mistress started to help him sort his room out. There is a reason that adults steer well clear of teenagers’ bedrooms and my Mistress was certainly scarred by the experience. There was a considerable amount of rubbish for going in the bin and rather more dirt for the vacuum cleaner to suck up than it was hoping for. I must say that Shadow seemed to have contributed to the effect in a very effective manner, leaving a whole layer of her hair down the back of the bed. What really alarmed my Mistress was the unwashed horse bandages from when James last played polo-cross. (I don’t think it’s spelt like that but given that I’m a dog and not a horse I’m not too worried about it.) His room now looks and smells quite a lot better.

My Mistress is trying to stop my making the mud in the garden any worse and wants to give the grass a chance to recover, so she is taking us out on our leads so that we can’t run up and down that particular stretch. She had reckoned without the mental cruelty inflicted by a local cat that decided to sit in the field next door and stare at us through the fence. Shadow and I begged to be allowed to chase after it, but to no avail. Some things in life are really very unfair.