Friday 19th February 2010

What am I going to write about when we have done the house move and are all settled? Come to that, what is my Mistress going to do with her time when she has finished organising it all. She says she is going to spend some time doing the garden and I’m all in favour of that, although I’ll believe it when I see it. She says she used to enjoy gardening, when she’d got a garden that she thought she was going be living with for some time, so maybe it will happen. I know my Grandpa has offered to come and help with the garden so it could all be rather fun. In the meantime she has shredded more paper than I would have thought possible and found three large box loads of stuff to go to a charity shop. In fact parts of the house are looking more under control than they have in the whole two years we’ve lived here. It’s a shame that once we move everything will return to ‘normal’.

It’s funny when you ring someone on their mobile phone and then you hear the ringing upstairs and realise that they aren’t very likely to answer as their phone is still at home. My Mistress said it took her back to the old days when no one had a mobile phone and when they were out they were out of contact until they came home, unless they used the, then more plentiful, payphones. We’ve still got a phone box in our village, but BT want to take it away because no one uses it. We’ve tried arguing that it is good to have it there for emergencies as there isn’t any mobile phone signal in most of the village, but sadly they aren’t convinced.