Saturday 20th February 2010

I’ve very excited. I’m going to have my own fantasy formula one team in a league. At least I will if the site accepts my email address. I’m waiting for my activation code at the moment. My Mistress got hers without any problem, but mine didn’t prove so easy. I hope it isn’t because they have spotted that I’m a dog and they have some four-leggist policy which prevents me from taking part. Shadow thinks the whole thing is stupid, but what would she know? She’s a girl. Mind you that doesn’t seem to stop my Mistress. I just need to decide which of the drivers I want to have in my team. I think I might go for a mix of exciting new talent and see if they can achieve something for me.

My Mistress is looking for an odd job man. She needs someone to put up 19 curtain poles and two blinds. She had wondered about doing it herself but there is a risk that we could be waiting a very long time before some rooms got curtains on that basis. She isn’t too bight with an electric drill either, so it could be a bit of a shambles.

I was having a bit of an insecure day yesterday. I don’t know what the problem was but I just wanted to be close to my Mistress. At one point I gave her quite a start. She was sitting in a small swivel desk chair, when all of a sudden she found that I’d jumped up onto her lap and she had to catch me before I fell off the other side. She pointed out that a 30kg dog is a bit big to have sitting on your knee but that didn’t really stop me.