Thursday 18th February 2010

There are now less than five weeks to go to the house move and my Mistress is moving into full action mode. To be honest it’s not a pretty sight. She’s covered in dust and dirt and constantly moving us out of the way so that she can put another box down. On the brighter side, she is happy it is only two weeks until the things in storage are redelivered to us. In particular she is looking forward to seeing what oven gloves she can find. Why oven gloves in particular? Well, would you believe that Shadow has done it again? She has eaten her third oven glove. My Mistress only left her for half an hour while she nipped up the road to check on progress and whilst she was gone, Shadow managed to pull it down off the counter and eat the thumb. And before you ask, yes she has actually eaten it again. It isn’t lying around somewhere on the kitchen floor. That puppy real needs to go to a dog psychologist. She has issues.

We are fortunate that the tip is only round the corner as my Mistress seems to be liberating many bags of rubbish in the process of clearing out. She is doing her best to give things away or send them to charity shops, but some things are just past their useful life and they are going to the great scrap heap in the sky – well round the corner anyway. What is grieving her is that there are opportunities to recycle a lot of things, but whilst magazines can go in the recycling bin there is nowhere suitable for her to empty the bags of shredded paper. It seems a shame. I said if we’d kept the rabbits that it would have made good bedding, but she pointed out that if it hadn’t been for me we would have kept the rabbits, so I stopped making wise remarks.