Monday 8th February 2010

We had very good news from Switzerland yesterday. Megan has passed her rabies blood test and will be able to come to England in six months time. I can’t wait to meet her. It seems to be the year for exciting things. My Mistress is now counting down to moving into the new house. Of course whether it is actually finished is another matter but she has worked out the number of days. It is in fact just 45 days. The main thing she is looking forward to is hot water that works when you turn on the tap. Now I know we have that in theory but it is a bit temperamental in this house. It is not uncommon for her to get into the shower and the water to suddenly go cold. Then she wonders why I say I don’t really fancy having a shower when I’m muddy.

In preparation for the move, she now needs to get her act together selling things on Ebay. We have some very odd items that are surplus to requirements. We certainly have some spare beds, a cooker and the odd sink unit! Although frankly I think she may be as well taking some of the items straight to the tip and cutting out the optimism that she might actually get any money for them.

My Mistress went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks at the cinema at the weekend. Now she wants a chipmunk. Am I not enough for her? What could she possibly want with something that looks like a miniature squirrel with a stripe down its back? I did remind her of the short lived rabbit ownership and asked why she thought I would be better behaved with a chipmunk but she said she could always keep it in another room. To think she might actually have a room that her beloved dog can’t go in. It’s unthinkable.